Session 14
Session 13

We take on the fort from the inside. First taking out the old man in the cellars, who turns out to be a cleric of some nature god.
Then back upstairs to take on the rest, manage to take out 2 quietly, but then the rest are woken by some stupid fool insider, trying to help. Idiot. Then the stag lord turns up and Beaky is released. Chaos.

Session 12

Trading info with Gnomes.
We find out about a Hodag in the mountains.
Large circular keep. 100ft diameter.
ScytheTree. Nasty.
Mounds. Lizard men.
Tower on an island.lights.old.

Move on Stag Lord. Get in pretending to be bandits.

Session 11

Selling stuff.
Ambushed by horrible rock monsters. Thawn.
Tree with stuff buried beneath it. Stick of burning hands. Spell book.
Random kobolds
Undead creature wants Stag Lords body.
4 mother fucking trolls. We run. We run our asses off.
Spider swarm guarding fang berries.
Gnomes and ponies struggling in water. Got the ponies out.
Finally get the cart out.

Session 10

Find a 15" statue of Erastil. Calmness, sharper blades in the morning.
Meet Perri Vot the fey. Talk of the Tatsal worms.
Kill the worms. Find skeleton of some dude.
Magical scale!
Free some feral animal from a pit trap.
Meet Gorsm the Boggard. With scroll from Johd, we can talk and negotiate truce.

Session 9

Up into the hilly forest. A trapper pinned to the ground by his own deadfall.
Attacked by worg at night.
Exploration. Bunch of wilderness, and unmarked traps of the trapper above.
Back to Oleg’s.
Back again, meet kobolds in the wild. Explain what we found out.
More Fey. Tell us about more ruins nearby, hot springs. giant frogs.
Frog man and giant frog pet. Strange statue, horned humanoid.
Find a cairn, burial mound, quite old. Pre taldane Tiger Lord barbarians.
Find Skeleton with magic green ring. Ring of swimming.
Elk Visit one night. They’re cool.
More fey, more whisky.
Dead unicorn in an area of necromancy. Burn it

Session 8

Went back and destroyed the Huge centipede.
Go back to kobolds where Nic Mac has been sacrificed. The chief breaks the statue and they all runoff to kill the shaman.
Back to Oleg’s, heal the halfling, buy some gear.
Kill the hunting spider. Paper with map of tree/hill/cross.
Off to kill tusk gutter.
Find the temple. The bear strikes down Caleb. Bear is killed, but turns into human and then dust.
Pool and temple restored somewhat, and pool becomes pool of healing.

Session 7

And the fey back up the centipedes. After retreating out of the hole, we go back in for another go.
They bring out a giant tick!
But we eventually prevail.
Find kobold prisoner, and statue.
Attacked by a local wild animal, large dog thing.

Session 6

Vecl. Dude on a horse. Dire boar took his leg. Ignore that for now.
Find the sycamore tree. Tracks. Camp. Attacked by nasty evil fey. Bastards.
Find Sutscale Kobolds in a silver mine. Friendly. Shaman Tartuk seems dodgey, fake.
Attack the fey, who have Kobolds statue.
Giant centipedes – argh!!

Session 5

Kobolds amongst the moon radishes
We convince them to take cash for goods. Some beatings involved
Meet Jodd, a priest of Erastil, who Caleb has heard of recently. Jodd talks of a temple in the wild
Set Kressel to work.
Visit potion guy.Bokken.
Animal skeletons over a large area. Possible spider.
A mine!


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