The Brothers Durant & Balint

orginally from New Stetven, they found Caleb's offer compelling...


Male Half-Elf Summoner 1
the facilitator, a soft-spoken, plain speaking soul…

Male Biped (Claws)
CG Medium Outsider
single-minded in purpose, his presence at the bargaining table keeps people calm.


The brothers have a reputation in certain circles.

They are delighted to have the opportunity to travel and meet new people.

They are; part creative thinkers/part problem solvers using a very direct approach.

They use out-of-the-box thinking but are quite happy to use a box if it again gets results. It’s fair to say the boys are “Results Driven” and capable of improvisation.

They understand the importance of law enforcement.

They understand that a good trade relies on complete understanding of both parties involved, and as such have never had a deal go sour. People tend to pay the Brothers what is owed, in full.

They don’t gamble..

They have helped several men find god, but aren’t overly religious themselves..

Durant enjoys making “pressed” flowers.

The Brothers Durant & Balint

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